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The forecast after a fake news campaign in Tamil Nadu The Hindu 18-03-2023

Context: Spread of disinformation in social media.


• Encourage communal disharmony.

•Potential to destabilise democratic institutions.

•Dangerous in an election year.

•Incite mob violence.

•Leads to government  acquiring undue power to strike down contents.

Measures taken overseas-

•EU has put on the code of Practice on Disinformation 2022.

•UK has propised an Online safety bill to monitor problematic content.

Related supreme court judgements:

•Tehseen S. Poonawalla vs Union of India(2018)

•Alak Alok Srivastava vs Union of India(2020)

Way forwards:

•A studied, comprehensive and calculated set of legislative action is needed.

•Identifying route cause of the disinformations.

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