So why do I do it?

I write this blog because I want to disqualify the myth about this examination is one of the “toughest examinations in the world.”

I think that this misconception discourages A LOT of good people from even attempting this exam & for those who do start the journey, it leads to needless mental and emotional suffering.

If you are confused about how to clear the Civil Services Exam and all the different advice out there is driving you nuts, you can relax because your doubts will be put to rest here.

Ravi Kapoor is presently serving as Deputy Commissioner under the Ministry of Finance.

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About me

I never did well in school or college.

My only interest was in Bodybuilding and Weightlifting. The UPSC examination was the FIRST and ONLY competitive examination I undertook and was able to clear it three times in a row.

Joining the Indian Revenue Services IRS is the first and only job of my life so far. Honestly speaking, this is not because I have some exceptional talent or anything like that. I just used a lot of tricks and techniques to make my life easier, which I will share with you in this blog. But something extraordinary happened to me during my preparation days.

I fell in love with learning.

Psychology stopped being a subject I had to learn about just to clear the exam. It became the source of answers to many questions I had about human beings.

Philosophy became the teacher I never had. It blew my mind with wonder, and I remain in awe to this day. Public Administration taught me about my future job. Studying public administration was like reading a long brochure about my prospective employer.

General studies taught me how to be insatiably curious about the world. Ever since I have craved to start this blog but could never get around to it.

Through this blog, I hope to infect you with the same curiosity and love for learning, which took over me. Because of the day that happens, you will have succeeded in your goal of clearing this exam.

Because of the day that happens, you will have succeeded in your goal of clearing this exam.

If you want to hear about how

You can expect to learn a lot of-

  1. Clever tricks and techniques for studying, which will free up 80% of your time to do whatever you want.
  2. An extremely effective in clearing this exam.
  3. Unbiased advice from me and others like me.
  4. Everything I wish I knew when I was in your shoes-during preparation.

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