The Ultimate Cheatbook of Essay & Answer Writing

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Are any of these doubts on your mind?

Do I need great writing skills to score well in the Essay paper? Is Essay-writing a skill?

No. The essay paper is not a test of prose. Nor is it a literary competition. What you need is the ability to convert logical arguments into plain language. All the steps to do that effectively in the Exam have been included in the Ultimate Cheatbook.

Do I need to memorize the essays of past toppers?

Not at all. It’s a bad idea to do so because you CANNOT predict the essay topic in the question paper. But you can predict with 100 % certainty that the Essay topic is made up of two or three elements. You will learn how to do this and break ANY essay topic into Its main parts within 6o seconds or less and never be taken by surprise in the UPSC exam.

Do I need in-depth knowledge of the essay topic to produce a good essay?

Nope. Not at all. You just need to appreciate all the dimensions of the Essay topic. And DO NOT need to write a research paper on the topic. You will learn Deconstruction and Structured Brainstorming techniques to understand the Essay topic deeply. and find the cheat sheet for ALL past 5 years essay topics in the UPSC analyzed inside this course.

Do I have to know a lot of facts and data to write a good essay?

Not at all. In reality, too much reliance on facts can be counterproductive. In the FACT-CHEAT you will find ALL the facts which you need to know for the Essay paper in the form of beautifully designed infographics- so that you are able to memorize facts faster and get to know the deeper context behind them.

Do I need a rich vocabulary or very good English language skills to score well on the Essay paper?

No. The Essay paper is not a literary contest. It is a test of your ability to reason well and present logical thoughts in simple and lucid language. Simple is better. In the Ultimate Cheat book, you will find language-hacks and quick fixes to bring out the brilliant writer inside you.


Highlights of the Book

  • Esselgo technique or the Essay Generation Algorithm
  • Separate worksheets for ideation, brainstorming, introduction, body & conclusion
  • Detailed analysis of previous year essay topics with sample introductions, arguments, counterarguments, and conclusions
  • Fact cheat sheets
  • Hand-writing correction
  • Quick-fixes along with language hacks to improve flow, structure, & narrative bonus gs score booster cheat sheet
  • Choosing the topic
  • Navigate exam-traps.
  • Structured brainstorming
  • Impactful introductions
  • Build solid arguments and counterarguments in the body of the essay.
  • Learn the 4q and 4q2 methods to build compelling and logically consistent arguments.
  • Smart review

The Ultimate Cheatbook of Essay and Answer Writing will teach you how to:

  1. Think like a UPSC topper
  2.  Learn exactly what the UPSC wants, avoid exam-traps and perform at your peak on exam day.
  3. Use the tricks, hacks, and cheat codes that boost your score in the exam by 40%
  4. Learn THE ESSELGO TECHNIQUE Essay Generation Algorithm: The single-most powerful method to produce great essays on ANY topic.
  5. Use the DECISION MATRIX to find out the most scoring essay topic for you among all the options.
  6. Scientifically brainstorm to produce more than 30 points, examples, and arguments for EVERY essay topic
  7. Do intelligent rough work and strategic schematization before you start writing essay-answers.
  8. Deconstruct and understand the heart of any essay topic in 60 seconds or less.
  9. Use fact-cheats to make your essay-answers data-packed and well researched.
  10. Learn techniques used by professional writers to create structure and flow to engage readers.
  11. Produce an impactful introduction, compelling arguments, and impressive conclusions.
  12. Measure your writing speed and the time of your essay accordingly.