UPSC Syllabus verbatim

If one fine day, you decide to become an IAS officer and try to find out the syllabus for the examination, you will find it is simply not available online in a simple form.

It is ironical given that so much material is available online to you about UPSC preparation and the UPSC syllabus should be the starting point in your quest to become an IAS officer.

UPSC provides the syllabus embedded into its yearly Civil Services Examination notification. So you will have to dig through the 162 page document to find the syllabus.

Hence ,in this post I am simply providing the UPSC syllabus for both PRELIMS and MAINS exam in-verbatim i.e. as is given in the UPSC notification , in form of free downloadable pdf format.

Not a single word has been changed in the syllabus, it is exactly as it is given in the UPSC notification. Here, we are simply providing it to you in easy different downloadable pdf files.

Let’s start with prelims syllabus.

I have for your benefit provided three different files. First , is combined UPSC prelims syllabus as per the notification. Second , is only paper I – General Studies portion of the notification separated out and the third one is only paper-II CSAT syllabus separated out.

Lastly, I have also provided the full UPSC CSE notification 2020 also for reference.

You can download either of these files as per your need from the links below.

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