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4 Signs that you will make a good IAS officer

There are good or bad reasons for doing anything or become IAS officer. Good reasons usually produce good results in terms of success, happiness and well-being. Bad reasons tend to do the opposite.

A bad reason to want to become an IAS officer and to give the Civil Services exam is FOMO (link to FOMO article).

FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out is a fear that you will miss out on the good parts of life if you don’t do what others are doing.

Add to that the hero-worship that is accorded to people who crack the IAS exam and you get an irresistible combination of Push and Pull factors which drive millions of young people every year into the race to become an IAS officer.

Are you caught in this trap or are you doing this for the right reasons?

This article helps you understand the right reasons.

1. You want Significance

Wanting to be significant is different from wanting power (—-link to power-shower article). It means wanting to play a bigger role in the world and impacting a greater number of people’s lives.

Significance is one of the good reasons to join the civil services.

This inevitably means that your actions, or the lack of it, will impact thousands of people, multiple times during your career.

Impact is not be mistaken for fame:-

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