The absolute best way to prepare current affairs for the IAS exam

ias current affairs

It goes without saying that CURRENT AFFFAIRS are hyper-important for the UPSC exam. But it is not always obvious what exactly is meant by ‘Current Affairs’. Almost everything which is happening or has happened in the recent past, and managed to appear in the media somewhere, qualifies as a current affair.

In this article I suggest that there is a way to cut through all the madness and chaos and to prepare Current Affairs optimally for the UPSC exam.

4 Signs that you will make a good IAS officer

ias officer

There are good or bad reasons for doing anything or become IAS officer. Good reasons usually produce good results in terms of success, happiness and well-being. Bad reasons tend to do the opposite. A bad reason to want to become an IAS officer and to give the Civil Services exam is FOMO (link to FOMO … Read more 4 Signs that you will make a good IAS officer