AI and UPSC exam

ChatGPT AI and the UPSC Exam

With the discovery of fire, our ancestors changed their diet and their landscapes. With the wheel, they made the world smaller and so on until we recreated the entire planet in our image. Now with AI, we will recreate intelligence itself, in our own image.

AI is incredible. It can do things which no human can, and that too, at a pace, which is literally, inhuman. It already is and will continue to change the face our world because the machine can now solve our more difficult problems, rather than just compute output. The import of this development cannot be overstated. It is a seismic change in the entire application landscape of digital technology wrt human desires. And that means everything in our world is going to change.

A case in point is the following images I created using AI to depict the pivotal changes

throughout human history following the discovery of milestone technologies

As the world goes gaga over AI, it impossible that the ‘world’s toughest exam’ will remain immune to this revolutionary technology.

How will the UPSC exam change due to AI?

The UPSC Exam does and will stand out as a true test of human intelligence for the time being, but the exam pattern and preparation methodology will go through drastic changes in the days to come.

It is easily foreseeable that there will be a flood of new and better content available to UPSC aspirants as coaching institutes and students begin to leverage AI to simplify, condense and visualize the minutiae of the UPSC syllabus.

While this may appear to be a positive change, but it will make no difference to the highly competitive nature of the exam in the long-term, as the benefits of the technology will spread evenly across the population.

Also noteworthy is that at content becomes easily available, the consumption of that content will become increasingly hard as students will not know what to read and what to skip. As attention span continues to shorten, the ability to stay focused will become the deciding factor. Hence, the role of psychology and mentorship which encompasses consistency, focus, motivation, habit-formation and discipline will increase further.

However, there may be a window of opportunity for the next year or so until this happens. In other words, as of now, there exists a competitive advantage to be had for early adopters of AI in the UPSC exam race.


How can UPSC aspirants leverage AI to gain an advantage?

This was the subject matter of a session wherein I shared the most high-impact areas such as answer-writing, memory-enhancement for GS etc for which AI can and should be leveraged UPSC prep.

This session is critically important and can be viewed here-

What can AI NOT do for UPSC aspirants?

While all of this sounds fantastic, it really is a sobering observation of AI as a tool for change. The list of what AI CANNOT do for UPSC aspirants is much longer.

Here are some of the fundamentals worth always keeping in mind-

1.       AI cannot process information for you – it can re-arrange the content to make it more palatable for consumption. But the processing and thinking of academic content must always be yours

2.       AI cannot strategize for you or keep you disciplined in the pursuit of your goals

3.       AI cannot help in current affairs and other dynamic aspects of the exam

4.       AI cannot replace hard work but will change the definition of smart work

There’s a lot to be said about all of this but for now, let the above sere as a primer for things to come. As I investigate deeper into the rabbit-hole, you will be the first to know about what I find.

Tc and stay smart,​

Ravi Kapoor IRS (R)

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