How NOT to become a UPSC topper

how NOT to become UPSC topper

How badly do you want to TOP the UPSC exam with AIR 1? Be honest and note if you have ever had daydreams of being famous on Instagram, your photo splashed across the newspaper, coaching institutes clamoring for your attention as the news of you securing AIR 1 in the UPSC CSE goes viral? Everyone … Read more How NOT to become a UPSC topper


upsc result 2022

When the UPSC Result 2022 is out, all bets and plans tend to go for a toss. It is a state of extreme confusion- whether you are celebrating or in despair. Both are states where rational decision making is compromised. This is a step by step guide on how to navigate through the frontiers of … Read more UPSC RESULT 2022: WHAT TO DO NEXT AND HOW

The absolute best way to prepare current affairs for the IAS exam

ias current affairs

It goes without saying that CURRENT AFFFAIRS are hyper-important for the UPSC exam. But it is not always obvious what exactly is meant by ‘Current Affairs’. Almost everything which is happening or has happened in the recent past, and managed to appear in the media somewhere, qualifies as a current affair.

In this article I suggest that there is a way to cut through all the madness and chaos and to prepare Current Affairs optimally for the UPSC exam.

The BEST optional subject for UPSC CSE

optional subject

For Optional subjects, the UPSC Civil Services Exam notification list 25 subjects which can be opted for paper VI and VII in the mains examination. The list consists most of the vast disciplines of academic study known to man, with subjects ranging from Agriculture to English literature. Interestingly UPSC does not put any kind of … Read more The BEST optional subject for UPSC CSE