upsc result expert talk

THE AFTERMATH OF UPSC RESULT : THE UNTOLD SIDE OF THE STORY The UPSC result came this year with the same hype as it does every year. For most people, it is the spectacle of a lifetime as they watch some common citizens transcend common citizenry to become exalted officers – primmed and poised with … Read more

The Focus dis-ease

The ability to focus is the ultimate superpower they say, but at what cost it comes, they say not. Platitudes on focus being the holy grail of life are all around- “Focus is the key to success”, “Focus is a superpower”- from Charlie Munger to Bill Gates, there is not one hyper-successful persona of our … Read more The Focus dis-ease

ChatGPT AI and the UPSC Exam

AI and UPSC exam

With the discovery of fire, our ancestors changed their diet and their landscapes. With the wheel, they made the world smaller and so on until we recreated the entire planet in our image. Now with AI, we will recreate intelligence itself, in our own image. AI is incredible. It can do things which no human … Read more ChatGPT AI and the UPSC Exam


new years resolution

Has it occurred to you that it seemed like a big deal a few days ago when 2024 was not here, but now that it is, it seems no different from 2023. The year may be new, but the days feel the same. My new year has certainly rolled in and started unfolding without much … Read more WHY THE NEW YEAR DOES’NT STAY NEW FOR LONG