Ethics for upsc : super-simplified and super-powered by superheroes

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Ethics for UPSC is GS paper IV in the Mains exam. It is a relatively new addition with no standard textbooks or established ways of preparation. But Ethics is critical to your overall score. And it can be confusing. This article is intended to super-simplify Ethics for UPSC- superhero style.

Building the body of the Essay in UPSC Mains exam : Body-building 2.0

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Believe it or not, there is often a particularly right away or a wrong way to structure an argument. And a particularly well-defined way to counter-argument and even to anticipate them.


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Ever so often you will find topics like ” simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and ” life is a long journey between being human and being humane” in the Essay paper of the USPC exam. While topics such as these are not exactly philosophical but consist of a subject-matter which is generic and non-technical. It … Read more HOW TO TACKLE PHILOSOPHICAL ESSAY TOPICS FOR UPSC