upsc result 2022


When the UPSC Result 2022 is out, all bets and plans tend to go for a toss. It is a state of extreme confusion- whether you are celebrating or in despair. Both are states where rational decision making is compromised.

upsc result 2022

This is a step by step guide on how to navigate through the frontiers of uncertainty-


  1. Do you have more attempts to spare and do you wish to use them?
  2. Can you afford another year of study and preparation for UPSC CSE?
  3. Are you determined to clear the exam in 2023?

If you answered YES to more than 2 of the above questions, you are already invested in the process and should know the following-

  1. You did not fail. You took a fall which you can get up from. You just may need to wait longer to clear the exam because there is something lacking in your preparation.
  2. You have increased your probability to clear the exam the next year by coming so far and should not stop now.
  3. You should now have a deeply honest conversation about yourself and analyze what is lacking in your preparation.
  4. You need to build your resolve all the way up and know that this is a long journey and you are on it to reach the end.
  5. You need to start preparing for next year without delay and should attack the preparation with intensity while making sure not to repeat your mistakes
  6. Current Affairs coverage from newspaper/monthly magazines should NOT stop even for a day.
  7. You should be covering Essay, Ethics and Optional subject in these weeks- now that you have the time gain the advantage. You will not be able to afford the time for these later.
  8. Shift focus back to GS COMPLTELTY, September onwards.
  9. Do whatever you need to clear the Prelims in 2023 no matter what.

If you answered NO to more than 2 of the above questions, you need to consider the following-

  1. Stop thinking about the UPSC Prelims 2022 result and focus on the questions below-
  2. Know that knowledge accumulated through UPSC preparation sets you apart from other people. It is an asset. You need to put it to good use one way or another.
  3. Are there state PSC exams you can apply for? Consider applying for them. In some cases, state services are better than IAS/IPS/IRS, trust me.
  4. Do you have a fallback option or career and do you wish to return to it? Consider how to work through and use your knowledge of UPSC preparation wherever you can.
  5. Do you want to change track completely and discover your destiny elsewhere? Use your knowledge and new-found intellect to explore.
  6. If you wish to stay in touch with the UPSC exam arena, can you teach or do content writing?

Remember that the obstacle is the way. Life works in strange ways and if you follow your strengths, success will be yours inevitable.


Good. But you are not there yet. Here are the critical things to consider about UPSC Mains-

  1. How well prepared are you with your Optional Subject? Rate from 0 to 10
  2. How well prepared are you with Essay writing? Rate from 0 to 10
  3. How well prepared are you with Ethics GS 4? Rate from 0 to 10
  4. How trained are you in answer-writing for GS 2 and 3? Rate from 0 to 10

Calculate your average rating of the above and do the following-

If your score is less than 7-

  1. Prepare Essay, Ethics for UPSC Mains without delay. These are free 300 marks for the taking. They can cost you heavily if ignored. Join the Crash Course for Essay & Ethics here. Download all study material which you find useful.
  2. If you are not strong with your Optional consider taking coaching classes and prefer a REALLY good teacher who can offer any type of extensive crash course. (I will be able to guide for Philosophy and Psychology this year)
  3. Start reading the newspaper EDITORIALS with extra care. Don’t just look for points and data- look for arguments and analysis. Note good ones down in your notebook.
  4. Start THINKING critically about ongoing issues and debates.
  5. Start THINKING in terms of 100 WORD passages in your mind. Whatever you read, imagine you will have to summarize and explain it in 100 words to someone else. Formulate good sentences and structure in your head.
  6. Start revising the static subjects and do them as a continuation of your Prelims preparation (History, Physical Geography, Macro Economic concepts, Static Polity) But do them imagining that you will need to explain everything in 100 word passages to a 12 year old.
  7. Consider Joining a test series for GS answer-writing which can aid in your knowledge as well. I will conduct some important GS Answer-writing sessions in the coming weeks. GS answer-writing is covered in the comprehensive course.
  8. Make sure you clear the exam this time and don’t need to go through the whole process again.

If you score more than 7-

  1. You are probably over-estimating your preparation and should not take the UPSC Mains to be cakewalk.
  2. Even if you are being objective, do the above 6 to ensure a top rank in the final list.

Hopefully this will bring clarity!

Tc and stay smart

Ravi Kapoor IRS

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