UPSC Mains: 12 Common mistakes to avoid in the Essay paper

upsc mains

Only a few exceptions get much more or much less than the average score in the UPSC mains exam. Obviously, you are interested in getting much more and land in the topper-zone shown in the graph. You want to be the exceptional candidate who ends up scoring 70-80% marks in the Essay paper that year.

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UPSC exam pattern: Super simplified

upsc exam pattern

The UPSC exam pattern is based on the tests conducted by old Indian empires such as the Mauryan Empire, Mughal Empire and the British era Imperial Civil Service tests to recruit civil servants. Over the years, the UPSC, based on the recommendations of commissions such as the Kothari Commission has modified the UPSC exam patter to fit the … Read more UPSC exam pattern: Super simplified

How to prepare for UPSC: CHEAT-SHEET 1

how to prepare for upsc

This cheat sheet is a compilation of many hacks which have been tried, tested, refined and curated for optimal efficiency for UPSC preparation. These hacks can be used by anyone wishing to use their time optimally and learn more. How to prepare for UPSC is just one of the many applications of these cheat codes. … Read more How to prepare for UPSC: CHEAT-SHEET 1