UPSC Mains: 12 Common mistakes to avoid in the Essay paper

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Only a few exceptions get much more or much less than the average score in the UPSC mains exam. Obviously, you are interested in getting much more and land in the topper-zone shown in the graph. You want to be the exceptional candidate who ends up scoring 70-80% marks in the Essay paper that year.

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GS score Cheat Sheet: Memorization Cheat Codes

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-Amit Kumar Singh, IRS   Most of the aspirants who start studying for UPSC are overwhelmed with the amount of the factual information they are expected to memorize to achieve a good GS score.   It is true not just for UPSC prelims but even for the essay and mains. Even during the interview it … Read more GS score Cheat Sheet: Memorization Cheat Codes